Joe Allen – From Waiter to Restauranteur
In May 1965, Joe Allen (a former waiter at PJ Clarkes) opened a restaurant that bears his name. Located at 326 W 46th Street opening a venue west of Eighth
The Classic Gage & Tollner is Returning
Did you know Gage & Tollner was the first landmark dining room in New York? Gage & Tollner was located at 372 Fulton Street, (between Smith and
The Perfect Mix – Peanut Butter & Chocolate Drop Cookies
American food culture lists have always included peanut butter. How many of us can remember opening our school lunch boxes to find that mom packed a PB&
Veal Marsala – A Sicilian Favorite
Marsala, Italy, in Sicily, has a very ancient history dating back to the Greeks, Phoenicians, Goths and Byzantines. The Arabs once named it “
Scones – A Staple for Afternoon Tea
No foodstuff is connected more with Britain than the scone. Scones are a delicious small round pastry with either a sweet or savory taste and are often
A Vegetable that Replaced Sugar and Evolved to a Much Loved Cake
According to food historians, today’s modern carrot cake originally descended from a medieval carrot pudding in Europe. Sugar and sweeteners were
This Foodie Enjoyed Many a Friday at Keen's Chophouse
Of all the historic steakhouses in New York City, Keen’s was the one I went to more often because of its locale. Keens’ was the closest fine dining restaurant
A MidSummer Meal – Shrimp Shish Kabobs
The practice in Spain for the last meal the day consists of eating small dishes. In place of a larger dinner, the evening fare is known as “
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